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The fraudulent conversion of another's property by a person who is in a position of trust, such as an agent or employee.The fraudulent conversion of another's property by a person who is in a position of trust, such as an agent or employee..

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Financial Crimes

Successful defense of a financial crime allegation

requires a knowledge of criminal law, tenacity, and an ability to interpret and convey financial concepts to a jury. As a San Antonio criminal attorney, I have represented numerous clients accused of financial crimes and fraud over the last 35 years and will provide a strong defense of your rights and your freedom.

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Bribery & Public Corruption

Few stories are more appetizing to the media

One of the risks every government official or employee faces is the potential to be accused of violating the public's trust. The media thrives on stories of government scandal, and law enforcement may be compelled to devote extensive resources to breaking and winning your public corruption case. My experience is that a bribery case or public corruption charges first start with a grand jury investigation, with that said you need a strong, experienced San Antonio attorney ready to fight for you! I'm that attorney. Learn More

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Tax Evasion

IRS Employs Thousands of Agents

In order to avoid seized or frozen bank accounts, interruptions of your company's business operations, and serious legal complications, it's necessary to understand how IRS agents operate, what they can and cannot do in an investigation, and what must be done to cooperate with them. As your San Antonio criminal lawyer, I will utilize former Special Agents with the IRS, as well as former federal investigators in defending my clients under investigation or accused of tax evasion.. Learn More

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Money Laundering

Immediate action to protect your assets

The U.S. money laundering statute, 18 U.S. C. § 1956, is broad, and was intended to be broad for two very specific reasons. Number one, it allows the government to seize any assets or property they can connect, in a financial way, to the specified criminal activity an individual or business is accused of. Number two, in seizing assets before trial, the government can effectively prevent a defendant from being able to afford the best defense they possibly can. Learn More

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Federal Defense

35 Years of Success

A grand jury indictment returned in the U.S. District Court creates a large number of problems that are very different from those that people face in the state criminal justice system. The laws are different, the courts are different, the procedures are different, the sentencing is different and the prisons are different. With 35 years of success in federal court, I have the skills, knowledge & expertise to defend you in any federal charge.

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Grand Jury Indictments

Grand Jury Investigation Defense Attorneys

The principal purpose of grand juries is to review the evidence gathered by the Government to determine whether sufficient evidence exists for the case to move forward. Grand jury proceedings are confidential. As a San Antonio federal defense lawyer, I have represented numerous businesses, business professionals, doctors and lawyers who were either targets or subjects of grand jury investigations. In these circumstances, avoiding formal criminal charges and maintaining confidentiality are my top priorities. Since even an acquittal, after a public trial, cannot restore an individual's or business' reputation and standing within a community you need a San Antonio lawyer with experience working high profile cases & winning. read more

Bankruptcy Fraud

Proactive Fraud Defense

Bankruptcy is an opportunity for debtors to have a "fresh start". Bankruptcy laws are extremely complex and mistakes in filing of bankruptcy petitions are often made. While some omissions and mistakes are overlooked, willful misrepresentation of material facts on a bankruptcy petition is likely to result in a violation of one or more of federal statutes and criminal prosecution. Our economy is in a recession & all over Texas federal bankruptcy protections are being used to protect personal assets, With the amount of bankruptcy filings breaking all time highs, there is going to be some honest mistakes made or in some situations deliberately made. Either way, as your San Antonio criminal attorney, over my 35 years of successful criminal defense I have acquired the skills & expertise to vigorously defend you from bankruptcy fraud allegations. . read more

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Insider Trading Defense

In response to public outcry over fraud and scandals that have consumed Wall street, like those involving Marc Cuban or companies such as Enron — the federal government has taken a hard-line stance on insider trading. As a result, SEC investigations, SEC enforcement, and federal prosecutions are all on the rise. As an insider trading defense attorney, I deliver experienced, independent legal counsel to individuals accused of insider trading. My practice is devoted to white collar criminal defense. Over the last 35 years, I have successfully defended clients in federal courtrooms throughout the United States. Schedule a free initial phone consultation or a face-to-face meeting with me; or contact the firm online today.

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Securities Fraud

Because I am a sole practitioner, with vast resources, experience & the knowledge to defend securities fraud in San Antonio, my clients can feel confident that I will personally do the work of preparing and presenting their defense as opposed to a young inexperienced associate. There will be no hidden conflicts of interest or agendas at work. This is especially important to individuals charged in connection with larger corporate highly publicized scandals as they can be made scapegoats if not careful. I am also keenly aware of the fact that allegations of securities fraud are highly publicized, publicity usually garners attention that can be as damaging as an actual conviction. I have significant experience representing clients in the media when news coverage makes it necessary. However, I understand that the best defense against white collar crimes being tried in the media is thorough a proactive & aggressive legal defense that prevents a grand jury indictment from ever being filed..

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